COVID-19 Information and Updates

 Please Note: Text in red is new information as of May 19, 2020.

NEW: Reopening Procedures and New Safety Measures

Community Care Network has been planning return to work procedures and requirements for our organization, following guidance from the Vermont Department of Health and our community health partners. The process of bringing over 400 employees back to regular operations will require careful planning and small steps. It will take time before all our employees are able to return to their work sites, and before we can once again offer face-to-face services. As always, we are grateful for the patience, support, and resilience of our community. Here is how we are moving forward:


·       Telehealth is the number one way we will continue to provide services, whenever possible. Almost all of our leadership and admin staff including HR, Finance, and IT will continue to work remotely.

·       Should staff determine that certain clients absolutely require face-to-face support, they must first consult with their supervisors to get clearance to do so. Once approval has been secured, site safety measures will help ensure protection during in-person services. This includes completing a telephone health screening in advance of the visit, the use of PPE, social distancing, health screening, and sanitation.

·       Staff Screenings:  As of May 18, any employees who have been working in offices during this time will be given a health screening upon arrival. This is effective across all of our locations.

·       Site Sanitation: Starting Tuesday, May 19, designated site sanitation teams will clean all Community Care Network locations three times per day.

·       Face Masks: Upon entering our sites, masks are required and must be worn when in the presence of others. We will provide masks to employees who do not have them. We will also provide masks to clients who require face-to-face services.

·       A Phased Approach: When employees eventually begin returning to their work sites, it will be with physical distancing in mind. Our staff will work with their supervisors and directors to determine staggered work schedules that allow them to safely use their offices while keeping a safe distance from others, and congregating in common office areas will be restricted.


Please continue reading for Program-Specific Updates.


Client Services: 

 Our intake lines are open for phone-based screening and assessments. If you are a new client, please call on of the following intake lines. An intake worker will complete an initial screening and a clinician will conduct an assessment over the phone, creating a treatment plan for you. 

Children's Services: 802-775-2381

Adult Services: 802-775-4388

Substance Abuse Services: 802-747-3588

Developmental Disabilities: 802-775-0828


Office and Community-Based Services:

Client services will continue with telehealth as the first option. Should staff determine that certain clients absolutely require face-to-face support, they must first consult with their supervisors to get clearance to do so. Once approval has been secured, site safety measures will help ensure protection during in-person services. This includes completing a telephone health screening in advance of the visit, the use of PPE, social distancing, health screening, and sanitation.

  • Community-based employees will endeavor to find outside areas to meet and provide services, and ensure that social distancing can be practiced no matter where or how they are serving clients.  
  • Community-based employees will conduct a self-health screen before providing face-to-face services for clients. They will also help clients conduct home health screenings over the phone before offering services in clients' homes. 
  • All transportation services are limited to two people per vehicle, for physical distancing. 


Residential Services:

Residential services will continue to practice strict protective measures, with guidance from DAIL, DMH,  and Medical Director. Visitors are still not allowed at residential areas, and every staff member receives a health screening and PPE upon arrival.

  • Some residential areas have lowered staff ratios to accommodate physical distancing. 
  • CSID (Community Stabilization and Inpatient Diversion) will continue to confine practices to four beds instead of six. 

Group Services and Crisis Services:

There will be no in-person groups. Any groups will utilize Zoom. Crisis team will remain separate from the hospital and continue using telehealth.


Rutland Community Programs:

1.    InterAge is closed for direct services right now, though they are still providing some remote and virtual patient support.

2.    Volunteer Services continues to have staff working remotely while providing virtual and remote support. One 2 One is providing rides on a very limited basis, and there is some planning for re-opening programs at sites and in schools.

3.    Early Care and Education is actively recruiting and enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year, thought the program is closed for direct service. When they eventually reopen, they will operate at a reduced capacity at first, prioritizing a preK program for rising Kindergartners.

  •  RCP is collaborating with schools for embedded classroom programming. 
  • There will be new procedures for pick-up and drop-off, as well as daily health screenings for both children and staff. 
  • Will continue to provide remote and virtual support for children and families. 


 Response to State Directives: 

Gov. Scott’s “Stay Safe, Stay Home” directive helps clear the way for organizations like ours who are an essential services provider, to continue to serve our community with social distancing measures in place. Please note that the following services will continue: 

-Intake services

-Emergency and Crisis Services

-Telehealth solutions for outpatient and facility-based Child and Family services

-CRT Shot Clinics

-Grocery Assistance

-Medication Drops

-Psychiatric Medication Refills


Rutland Community Programs Early Care & Education/ Rutland County Head Start:

Please be advised, that in the interest of ‘flattening the curve’ and promoting safety for all programming at Meadow Street and the Children’s Discovery Center close by 5:00pm today (March 25th). We will not be providing direct child care for children until April 15th, in all likelihood.

We will continue to provide services and supports to our enrolled families through innovative ways (including a new YouTube channel!), in particular:


Child development and learning experiences

Family engagement and support

Nutrition education and support


More information to come, as we are preparing to launch these services through new delivery methods.

We can continue to enroll children in our programs during this time, providing support and services as noted above.


Front Desk Staff:

All four front desk areas at the following locations will be covered during regular business hours:

-Community Access Program

-78 S. Main Street

-Court Square



Emergency Services:

  •  The Emergency Services Team continues to receive all requests for help through the Crisis Line. 
  • Please call 775-1000 if you or someone else is experiencing a crisis. Individuals should not be directed to the Emergency Room unless there is a medical emergency. If you are unsure, please call the Crisis Line first and a Crisis Worker will assist you.
  • Any families struggling during this time can call our crisis line: 775-1000 and we will do everything we can to connect them to the support they need. 

Alternative Support: 

  • The Worldwide Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741-741 to be connected to support. This line is also used for people anxious about COVID-19. Learn more here at
  • The Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (800-273-8255)


Behavioral Health Services:


·All outpatient and facility-based programs for Children and Adults have suspended face-to-face -services. Clinicians and case managers now offer certain services via telehealth.

·CRT Shot Clinic: The shot clinic is still offered over a 3-day period on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Safety protocols are in place and we are prepared to continue administering this service.

·Medication Drops: Medication drops will continue, with protective measures and social distancing in place. Staff will wear protective gear, and not enter anyone's home while assisting with medication.

· Grocery Assistance: We encourage using Hannaford Pick Up or Instacart to order groceries ahead of time so that a staff member may safely pick up and drop off groceries.

·Psychiatric medication refills: These will continue to be provided as necessary without disruption.


Residential, Inpatient, and Care Facilities:


·Westview Court Intermediate Care Facility (6 beds) and Royce Street Developmental Services Group Home (4 beds) have suspended visiting at this time. Both homes are monitoring residents for symptoms, and providing necessary protective gear and are developing quarantine and isolation plans should the need arise.

·The MapleWood Intensive Recovery Residence and the Community Stabilization and Inpatient Diversion facilities on Stratton Road are not accepting visitors. CSID will close two diversion beds, with two remaining open.