• Developmental Disabilities

    (Under Development) For more information about CAP services, please call 802-775-0828.

    The Community Access Program (CAP), a division of Rutland Mental Health Services (RMHS), is the designated agency (DA) for developmental disability services for Rutland County. CAP provides a range of comprehensive supports and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

    CAP supports each person's right to live in and be a valued and respected member of the community, develop meaningful and mutually supportive relationships with family and friends, make choices and decisions that affect his/her life, obtain employment or engage in other meaningful activities, participate in community life and utilize community resources.

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  • Community Access Program

    (Under development). For more information about CAP services, please contact the Intake team at 802-775-0828.

    CAP has the responsibility to ensure a seamless system of services throughout Rutland County for individuals and families meeting eligibility and funding criteria. In addition to home and community-based services, CAP provides Flexible Family Funding, Targeted Case Management, the Bridge Program, grant-funded employment services, and Specialized Services (in a nursing facility).

    As the DA, we provide intake services for the county including eligibility evaluations and referral services. We gather relevant data and feedback to ensure that current system models meet the needs of the individuals served, as well as the needs of our community.

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  • Career Choices

    (Under Development) For more information about CAP services, please contact the Intake team at 802-775-0828.

    Career Choices is an employment service that assists individuals with developmental disabilities to obtain gainful and competitive employment.


Working with families and other service providers to develop the supports necessary to assist individuals with developmental disabilities.


Offers a variety of programs and services which are designed to assist people in improving the quality of their lives.


    Community Care Network offers a limited number of internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate level interns. To inquire about internship opportunities, please send your resume and a cover letter including details on the internship requirements and supervision expectations to jobs@rmhsccn.org.

ARC (Development Trauma) Caregiver Training