Intake & Eligibility


The Intake team assists individuals, families and guardians by explaining and assisting with the application screening process. The intake team describes the various service options and explains individuals’ rights. The CAP psychologist determines whether an individual meets eligibility for services and access criteria (below). Intake makes referrals to other community resources for individuals not meeting eligibility/access criteria.

Developmental Disability Services Eligibility Requirements:

Individuals with developmental disabilities who wish to receive services must first be found eligible. There are three parts to determining eligibility:

Financial eligibility:

In order to receive developmental disabilities services funding, an individual must be determined by the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) to be financially eligible for Vermont Medicaid. For individuals not eligible for Medicaid funding there is also an option to private-pay for services.

Clinical eligibility:

As the Designated Agency for Rutland County, CAP determines clinical eligibility of applicants. The Vermont Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) verifies clinical eligibility for most services. To access Developmental Disabilities services in Vermont the individual must have a diagnosis of one of the following based on a formal, professional evaluation:

o Intellectual Disability (IQ of 70 or less), or Autism Spectrum Disorder

and must have both of the following:

o Significant deficits in adaptive function (such as social/emotional development, daily living skills, communication, and/or motor development), and

o Onset of the disability prior to age 18.

Funding eligibility/access criteria:

Each program and funding source has its own criteria to access funding (see services).

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