College Steps and Project SEARCH

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Post-Secondary Education Initiative (PSEI): 

College Steps

College Steps is an independent non-profit organization that provides individualized supports for students living with social, communication, or learning challenges to experience college coursework and campus activities in collaboration with Castleton University.  The College Steps program helps prepare participants for meaningful careers and increased autonomy after graduation.  CAP partners with College Steps to support these transition age youth to integrate into post-secondary coursework and a college campus experience.  HCBS funds pay for support services only and may not be used to pay college tuition.

College Steps eligibility/access criteria:

  1. Clinical: Individuals who meet the Vermont Criteria for Developmental Disabilities.
  2. Financial: Vermont Medicaid eligible as determined by DVHA.
  3. Access criteria: Adults who have graduate from high school or have a GED who have been accepted for enrollment in the College Steps program.  The individual must also have access to resources that are needed to participate beyond what is provided by the PSEI program.

Projects for Transition Support: Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH    is an international workplace immersion program for students with developmental disabilities who are in their final year of high school and adults age 21-28 if space allows.  Rutland Regional Medical Center, the local Vocational Rehabilitation office, and CAP have formed a very successful collaborative that supports students in various internships.  Interns gain valuable workplace skills that help them obtain better employment opportunities upon graduation and lead to greater levels of independence at their jobs.