Family Managed Respite and Flexible Family Funding

Family Managed Respite (FMR) provides families with a break from caring for their child with a disability, up to age 21.  FMR is available to children with developmental disabilities or mental health needs who do not receive HCBS funding.

FMR eligibility/access criteria:

  • Clinical: Individuals who meet the VT criteria for developmental disabilities or are eligible to receive services from Children's Mental Health Services.
  • Financial: Vermont Medicaid eligible as determined by Department of Vermont Health Access.
  • Access Criteria:  FMR is available to children up to, but not including, age 21 who do not receive HCBS and who live with their biological/adoptive families or legal guardian.  FMR allocations are approved based on the intake and assessment process.  FMR funding can only be used for direct care provided by an employee hired by the family.  FMR funds cannot be used to purchase goods or items, pay for camp or to pay an organization, agency, or facility.

Flexible Family Funding

Flexible Family Funding (FFF) is available to families to support their child or adult family member with developmental disabilities to live at home.  The maximum allocation for each individual is $1000 per year and is income determined.  FFF may be used to purchase respite or goods to meet the individual's and family's needs but is not available to individuals who receive HCBS.