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JOB# 250
Category: Full-time
Title: Administrative Services Coordinator
Job Skills: Office Administration experience required; Supervisory experience preferred


The Administrative Services Coordinator manages all reception and administrative functions for the Behavioral Health Services Division. SUPERVISION: Oversees the work of Agency reception and transcription staff. (Hires, trains, establishes standards and expectations, evaluates, disciplines.) Collaborates with Records, IT, Risk and Compliance functions to determine expectations and processes for staff. QUALITY: Provides input and generates analyses for the Agency’s Quality Scorecard. ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT: Provides administrative support to the Behavioral Health Service Area. In particular, manages document creation and revision, schedules and attends service area team and standing committee meetings, takes minutes, schedules follow up as necessary, etc. COMMITTEES: Participates on Quality and other Agency-level committees as appropriate/necessary. OTHER DUTIES: Performs other related duties as appropriate at the request of the Chief Services Officer - Behavioral Health.