• COVID-19 Updates

    The current public health crisis is impacting every aspect of life as we know it both here in Rutland, and worldwide. Our work at Community Care Network is completely centered around the health and well being of every member of our community, and we will continue that work by taking whatever measures necessary to protect our staff and those we serve.

    Visit this page to stay informed about our response, program changes, and additional resources.


    We create a positive work environment that fosters teamwork and opportunities for growth. We have the authority and responsibility to make decisions and take actions as close to the point of service as possible. We value, seek and incorporate customer choice, stakeholder and communities input in our decisions.

    The health and human service industry is in constant change. The only way to stay ahead is to stay flexible. We listen to our customers, our employees, and the communities we serve. Given the opportunity, we believe people do the right thing. Our culture gives the freedom to do exactly that.

  • Child and Family

    Child and Family Programs provide assessment, referral, individual and group treatment, psychopharmacology, community education, crisis intervention, substance abuse services and intensive outpatient services to the Rutland County area.

    These services are provided in a variety of settings including office, home, community-based interventions, and school-based services. Children, adolescents, and families from the area requiring mental health treatment are served without regard for gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, place of national origin, socio-economic status, political affiliation, or physical or mental disability.

  • Adult Services

    RMHS Adult Services offer the community a full range of high quality behavioral health services. Services include Adult Outpatient, Substance Abuse Services, Eldercare, Crisis, and CRT.

    The programs are designed to assist adults in coping with and healing from various forms of mental illness, abuse, employment problems, behavioral problems, substance abuse and family conflicts.

  • Developmental Disabilities

    The Community Access Program (CAP) assists children, adolescents, and adults who have a developmental disability to live, attend school, work, and recreate in their communities. Individuals and their families may also choose to self- or family-manage their own services with our assistance.

    CAP services and supports encompass a wide range of options designed around the specific needs of an individual.

  • Senior & Volunteer

    Senior Day Care Services and Volunteer opportunities for people of all ages.

    Programs include:
    RSVP & The Volunteer Center
    Green Mountain Foster Grandparent Program
    InterAge Adult Day Program

  • Substance Use Disorders Services

    Evergreen Substance Abuse Services offers services to adults with alcohol and other drug dependencies.

    Dependence on substances can affect anyone, at any age, from any walk of life.

    For many substance abusers, the greatest hurdle to overcome is admitting the problem and seeking help. Clinical professionals at Evergreen Substance Abuse Services help identify the most appropriate course of action. The goal is to provide treatment in a respectful, dignified manner, enabling the individual to acquire skills necessary to support ongoing recovery.


Offers a variety of programs and services which are designed to assist people in improving the quality of their lives.


Provides treatment and support for children and youth (ages birth through 18) and their family members struggling with emotional, behavioral and substance abuse issues.


    Community Care Network offers a limited number of internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate level interns. To inquire about internship opportunities, please send your resume and a cover letter including details on the internship requirements and supervision expectations to jobs@rmhsccn.org.